Vacuum casting and RIM

With the vacuum casting technique is possible to obtain, through silicon or resin moulds, a small series of objects whose mechanical, aesthetic and dimensional precision characteristics are really similar to those of the final product. The process is based on the creation of a mould made by silicon rubber or resin, starting from a particular realized with rapid prototyping. In the shape made by the mould are vacuum-cast bicomponent puritanical resins with many characteristics. The usage of this system becomes really advantageous if there is the need to realize many pieces, because of economic reasons and of the quality of the product, and if the intention is to realize particulars with transparent or specific materials. The usable resins are from rubbers with 30 to 90 Shore A of hardness, to those that are similar to the most common thermoplastics like the P.P., the ABS, the polycarbonate, nylon, V0 certified and charged resins and other resins that can resist to 180° of temperature. Co-printings of more different materials are available too. The prototypes realized with this technology can be used for working, resistance ad functionality tests and allow to make modifications and improvements before the product’s realization.In addition to the marketing usage, anticipating the final realization of the product. We have many vacuum-casting machines of different dimensions with automatic controls to guarantee repeatability and constant quality. Our experience allows us to make the assembly of the whole and to find the components, on sale or to be realized with the CNC machines.