ProRa was born in 2000 starting its activity with the FDM technology with a machine that realizes ABS by FDM technology, directly from a mathematical model. The machine has given the possibility to get access to the world of rapid prototyping, covering both the functional prototyping secto, using a definitive material and having a considerable volume or work, and the aesthetic prototyping one, oriented to the marketing thanks to the excellent workability and surface finishing features of the material itself.

In 2003 ProRa acquired the first vacuum casting machine which allows to realize small series, obtaining particulars from materials and finiture that are very near to the definitive particulars. That will be the first step in a sector of the rapid prototyping that will become the core business of the company itself.

The 2007 will remain impressed in the company’s history because in this year ProRa is resettled in the industrial area of Tavarnelle, in a new building of 500 square meters, realized according to the most modern conceptions and the specific productive requirements. Besides, still in 2007, ProRa acquired another vacuum casting machine of notable dimensions and with automatic check of the various operations, in order to ensure a higher qualitative standard and the possibility to realize monolithic prototypes up to 900mm. It was as year of consolidation also about the cooperations with other companies which have made ProRa able to offer a full global service, from the design to the production of the first definitive prototypes.

In 2008 the company acquired the laser sintering EOSINT P390 to realize nylon prototypes, that not only ensures precision and excellent surface finishing features, but also allows to maximize the production and answer in extremely short time the customers requests.

In 2010 ProRa acquired the equipment to realize small series of parts using the RIM technology. During the first months of 2012 we installed the Fortus machine that allow us to create prototype in four different materials.

Today ProRa is composed by an organic of six people and is able to realize prototypes and small series throughout all the latest technologies present on the market.